Slushy Juices and other exciting new flavors!

Vape Around have launched amazing new series of SLUSHY E-JUICES!

Now you can get e-juices with extreme fruitiness with a cooling hint, just like your favorite slushy drink. First of series are: Cherry Slushie, Lemon - Orange Slushie and Slushy Grape e-liquids. Slushy vape juice series' icy effect is not coming from mint or menthol, so if you like refreshing taste without mint additions, that series is made exactly for you!


Other new flavors!

Citrus Bomb - Exciting sweet and sour e-juice, full of lemons, oranges and mandarins

Choco Mint - Perfect balance of chocolate and mint e-liquid. Subtle notes of cocoa and vanilla mix with a traditional spicy mint

Vampire's Blood Re-launched!

Because of the high demand we have re-launched our good,  old, irresistible Vampire's Blood e-liquid! Those that know us from the beginning know what we are talking about. If you missed it, you have to try this lemonade flavoured vape with wild strawberries and tropical fruits.

 What we offer is simply - premium quality cheap e-juices / e-liquids in New Zealand and Australia. Our e-juices are made based on New Zealand made ingredients mixed with premium quality, european flavours so you can get the best quality e-juices for affordable price!

And.... don't forget to buy a bundle e-liquid / e-juices pack to get free shipping in NZ and AU!

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