About us

How we combined our travelling and vaping passions to start selling e-liquids, e-cigs and other vape gear in New Zealand?

We are a vaping couple ;) We believe that vaping is for all kinds of people....different people, different needs, that's why we CUSTOMISE e-juices for you!
We went through quitting stinkies ourselves, so we know what you are going through... My partner quit smoking for vaping 3 years ago, he started from 24mg nicotine e-liquid and came down to 2mg at the moment. Me, I was smoking occasionally, mostly flavoured cigarettes... so flavoured e-liquid with 0-0.5mg nicotine was naturally the best solution for me.

From our experiences we learnt that there is no one fits all solution and that's why we believe in customised e-liquids. In our shop you can choose either one of our ready made e-juices and adjust nicotine and PG/VG ratio or choose your favourite flavour mix that you always wanted to try but couldn't get through hassle of DIY.

During our travels we tasted all sorts of locally made e-liquids from delicious ones to disgusting mass made artificial tastes. That's why we want to assure our clients of good quality products. Our e-liquids are made from best quality European and USA flavours, PG and VG are pure organic and USP grate.

Check our shop and let us know what you think, we always appreciate feedback from you!

Contact us at contact@vapearound.co.nz