2 x 60ml E-Liquid PACK - 120ml Vape More Flavors ($20/ 60ml bottle) - E-Liquid from Vape Around New Zealand

2 x 60ml E-Liquid PACK - 120ml Vape More Flavors ($20/ 60ml bottle)

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  •  2 x 60ml Vape Around More e-liquids of your choice.

    1. Select your 1st E-liquid out of  13 E-Liquids available on the drop down list. Choose PG/VG ratio and nicotine level
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    The flavor profiles for our 60ml vape Around More NZ E-Liquids are: 

    • Lemon Cake: Extremely complex e-juice: Butterry, Cakey, lemony goodness.
    • Blackcurrant Air Waves: Strong Sweet Blackcurrant and Menthol
    • Strawberry Cream: An all day vape ejuice  - Sweet Strawberries and Cream :)
    • Melon Jellies: Sweet and Sour perfumed Horned Melon
    • Cool Melon: A mix of different melon flavors with one shot of fresh mint
    • Peaches & NectarinesJuicy Peaches and Nectarine :)
    • Cactus Lime Juice: Perfumed Prickly Pears and limes. Sweet and sour perfect balance
    • Sweet Shake of Coconut:  An absolute tropical delight  made of Coconut milk, toasted coconut and ice cream
    • LemonadeHome made Lemonade from Lemons, Limes and Oranges 
    • Watermelon Candy: Sweet and Sour classic watermelon taste
    • Trinity Custard: Sweet Custard, Meringues and Nutty Cookies. Divine Trinity!
    • Kiwi Dragon Passion: Kiwi, Dragon and passion fruits mixed together at same proportion
    • Banana Shake: Banana, milk and sweet cream - e-juice  
    • Grapefruit Jellies: Sweet and sour grapefruit jelly candies ready to vape
    • Sour Apple batch 4: Sour Apples and Feijoa (light sour)
    • Apple Pie (Dessert): Ripe apple, classic biscotti crust with a mix of sweet spices and dessert sauce
    • Pineapple candy: Sweet and sour pineapple ejuice
    • Watermelon Bar - Batch 4 (December):  Frosted Watermelon with one drop of menthol
    • Grape Candy - sweet and sour mix of grapes.All day vape - best in MAX VG
    • Raspberry Candy - batch 4 : Sweet and perfumed Raspberries and citrus for light sour taste
    • Sweet&Sour Gummy Worms (tutti frutti) : Sweet & Sour flavors of  mixed fruits (mild sour)
    • Mango Cream  - batch 3: Sweet Mango, Pineapple syrup with Milk&Cream
    • RY4M: Classic Ruyan 4M: Oriental Tobacco + Vanilla + Caramel + Menthol
    • Ice Tobacco : Best Tobacco mixes and 3 shots of menthol


    • Sour Jungle  (out of stock) :  Banana, Kiwi, Pineapple, Orange, Mango + SOUR :)
    • Bubble Gum (out of stock) : Classic bubble gum taste
    • Juicy Peaches: Juicy Peaches  (out of stock) - sweet and light sour
    • Blackcurrant Ice Candy  (out of stock) Strong Blackcurrant flavor and subtle menthol. Fishermans' friend candy !!!
    • Pomegranate Juice  (out of stock): Sweet Pomegranate.  All day vape - best in MAX VG
    • Energy (out of stock): Energy drink flavor.
    • Kola Mix (out of stock)50% Cola flavour + 40% cola syrup + 10% soda beverage / koolada
    • Guava Jack-fruit (out of stock ): 60% Guava + 40% Jack-fruit 
    • Citrus Punch (out of stock): Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime and Orange. Strong Perfume and yummy taste!
    • Banana Pineapple (out of stock): Exotic Mix
    • Berry Much - batch 2  (out of stock): Berry mix: blackberry, blueberry, strawberry and cranberry
    • Strawberry Lemonade (out of stock): Inhale strawberries exhale lemon :)

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      Great juice !!

      Great price, great service love the free product and super fast shipping. Will be a regular from now on great experience for a first time customer so thank you


      Great flavours, price and service!!! Delivery was super quick. Recommend 100%

      Candy watermelon

      This was for my partner and he loves it, also got a free custom juice called energy and it is amazing also!

      Trinity Custard

      Great service and great flavor - recommend this one to custard lovers

      Great in every way

      You guys are a pleasure to deal with, your prices are great and the juice is good