2 x 60ml E-Liquid PACK - 120ml Vape More Flavors ($20/ 60ml bottle)

2 x 60ml E-Liquid PACK - 120ml Vape More Flavors ($20/ 60ml bottle)

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Great new mix of two favourites. Rich mix of sweet grape with a sweet and sour apple taste

Rich, classic orange-lemon-lime drink flavour

  •  2 x 60ml Vape Around More e-liquids of your choice.

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    The flavor profiles for our 60ml vape Around More NZ E-Liquids are: 

    • Grape Apple - Great new mix of two favourite ejuices. Rich mix of sweet grape and a sweet and sour apple taste.
    • Energy - Rich, classic energy drink flavour ready to vape.
    • Apple Watermelon - Our new fruity mix, made of juicy watermelon and slightly sour apple gives this ejuice rich and refreshing taste.
    • KOLA - Your favourite soft drink flavour, rich, sweet and ready to vape.
    • Skittlez - One of our new, rich flavoured e-liquids. Popular sweet candies introduced to the vaping world.
    • Strawberry Lemonade - Very fruity mix of sweet strawberries and refreshing, slightly sour lemons. Perfect all day vape!
    • Raspberry Lemonade - Lemonade with blended raspberries make this citrusy and refreshing flavour our new favourite vape for summer!
    • Trinity Custard - Perfect mix of sweet custard, meringues and nutty cookies make our Divine Custard Trinity! Sweet pleasure to vape all day long!
    • Pineapple Candy - Sweet and juicy pineapples with a sour hint. Tropical e-juice delight.
    • Juicy Peach - Rich, sweet flavour of peaches with a sour hint.
    • Sour Jungle - One of our sour e-juice masters, rich in tropical fruits. You will find banana, pineapple, orange, mango and kiwi hints perfectly blended for all day vaping.
    • Pitaya Candy - Rich, fruity pitaya flavour with a sour hint.
    • Blueberry Candy - This rich in blueberries e-juice has a light sour hint and tastes like a trip to the forest in a sunny summer afternoon.
    • Cactus Lime - Rich in prickly pears and lime flavours. Perfect balance of sweet and sour citrusy vaping joy.
    • Bubblegum - Classic bubble gum ejuice. Nothing less, nothing more! 
    • Lemonade - One of our classic e-liquids. Homemade lemonade blend of lemons, limes and oranges to give you full citrusy flavoured vaping pleasure.
    • Melon Jellies - Sweet and sour Horned Melon flavour. Vaping that tastes like summer joy!
    • Cool Melon - A mix of different melon flavours with one shot of fresh mint. Rich, fruity and refreshing e-juice.
    • Watermelon Candy - Sweet and sour classic watermelon e-liquid.
    • Sour Mango – One of our sour e-juice masters. Rich mango fruit taste with sour hint.
    • Guava Jack - Fruity mix of jackfruit and guava with a sour hint.
    • Lemon Cake - All the best you can experience from lemon cake. Extreme lemony goodness, full of spicy, nutty and creamy flavours. Simply delicious vape!
    • Blackcurrant Airwaves - Fruity blackcurrant with cool menthol. Classic refreshing menthol lozenges ready to vape.
    • Strawberry Cream - Classic! Perfect combination of ripe strawberries and creamy topping. Sunny summer e-juice!
    • Nectarine peaches - Juicy nectarines combined with sweet peaches give perfect balance of sweet and nutty flavoured e-liquid.
    • Raspberry Candy - Classic e-juice. Juicy, sweet raspberries with a citrus hint for sour taste.
    • Kiwi Dragon_Passion - Three delicious fruits give this special mix very rich flavoured e-juice.
    • Coconut Shake - An absolute tropical delight! Made of spicy, toasted coconut blended with sweet coconut milk and ice cream. Perfect spicy yet creamy vape!
    • Grape Candy - Very fruity and very sour, refreshing and sweet grape e-juice.
    • Grapefruit Jellies - Sweet and sour grapefruit jelly candies ready to vape and full of citrusy flavour.
    • Apple Pie - Ripe baked apples, classic biscotti crust with a mix of sweet spices and dessert topping, exactly like your favourite apple pie dessert should taste and now you can vape it all day long.
    • Sour Apple - Juicy apples with a light sweet and sour hint for all day vaping.
    • Mango Cream - Mango Cream – Rich in flavour, juicy, sweet mango with vanilla ice cream. Yummy vape!
    • Sour Worms - King of our sour e-juice masters! Rich in sweet, fruity flavours with dominating sour taste, just like a bag of your favourite sour worms.
    • Watermelon Bar - Frosted watermelon with a hint of menthol makes this fruity, refreshing e-liquid. Perfect for summer!
    • RY4M - Classic Ruyan 4 flavour (oriental tobacco, vanilla and caramel) with menthol hint - let us know if you like it with more tobacco and/or more menthol
    • Ice Tobacco - Strong, nice tobacco flavoured e-juice with menthol shot. Perfect substitute for tobacco taste in the vaping world.

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        Courtney Skelton
        Fantastic value!

        So happy I found vape around! Great flavours and the staff are amazing!

        Leroy Le

        2 x 60ml E-Liquid PACK - 120ml Vape More Flavors ($20/ 60ml bottle)

        Isbella Tutok
        Great service

        Wonderful ppl excellent juices fast delivery thnks vapearound

        Rory Ellis
        Sour done RIGHT

        Sour worms and grape candy, got a free 60ml bottle of sour apple & blackcurrant too which was an awesome little surprise. Will definitely be back for more.

        Page Von dincklage

        Loved them we’ll be ordering again