3 x 60ml E-Liquid PACK - 180ml NICOTINE SALTS - JUICE PACK ($16.5 / 60ml bottle)

3 x 60ml E-Liquid PACK - 180ml NICOTINE SALTS - JUICE PACK ($16.5 / 60ml bottle)

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Lemon Lime Zup – Sweet and sour soup of lemons and limes. 7up anyone?

Rich in prickly pears and lime flavours. Perfect balance of sweet and sour citrusy joy

Raspberry Ice Cream = Ice cream taste with a rich Raspberry flavour. Sweet, Creamy and slushy!

  • Our juices with NICOTINE SALTS in concentration higher than 18mg (e.g 24mg, 36mg, 48mg, 50mg etc.) can only be used in PODS (low wattage devices). NOT SUITABLE FOR SUB-OHM devices. For higher nicotine level please add a note at the checkout. 

    Our juices with NICOTINE SALTS in concentration of 0 to 18 mg can be used in sub-ohm devices as well in PODS with low wattage.

    A good rule of thumb to make the switch from Standard Nicotine to Salt Nicotine would be to multiply the mg you use for Standard Nicotine by 3-4 times.


    3 x 60ml Vape Around More e-liquids of your choice.

    1. Select your 1st E-liquid out of  13 E-Liquids available on the drop down list. Choose PG/VG ratio and nicotine level
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    The flavor profiles for our 60ml vape Around More NZ E-Liquids are: 

    • Grape Apple - Great new mix of two favourite ejuices. Rich mix of sweet grape and a sweet and sour apple taste.
    • Energy - Rich, classic energy drink flavour ready to vape.
    • Apple Watermelon - Our new fruity mix, made of juicy watermelon and slightly sour apple gives this ejuice rich and refreshing taste.
    • KOLA - Your favourite soft drink flavour, rich, sweet and ready to vape.
    • Skittlez - One of our new, rich flavoured e-liquids. Popular sweet candies introduced to the vaping world.
    • Strawberry Lemonade - Very fruity mix of sweet strawberries and refreshing, slightly sour lemons. Perfect all day vape!
    • Raspberry Lemonade - Lemonade with blended raspberries make this citrusy and refreshing flavour our new favourite vape for summer!
    • Trinity Custard - Perfect mix of sweet custard, meringues and nutty cookies make our Divine Custard Trinity! Sweet pleasure to vape all day long!
    • Pineapple Candy - Sweet and juicy pineapples with a sour hint. Tropical e-juice delight.
    • Juicy Peach - Rich, sweet flavour of peaches with a sour hint.
    • Sour Jungle - One of our sour e-juice masters, rich in tropical fruits. You will find banana, pineapple, orange, mango and kiwi hints perfectly blended for all day vaping.
    • Pitaya Candy - Rich, fruity pitaya flavour with a sour hint.
    • Blueberry Candy - This rich in blueberries e-juice has a light sour hint and tastes like a trip to the forest in a sunny summer afternoon.
    • Cactus Lime - Rich in prickly pears and lime flavours. Perfect balance of sweet and sour citrusy vaping joy.
    • Bubblegum - Classic bubble gum ejuice. Nothing less, nothing more! 
    • Lemonade - One of our classic e-liquids. Homemade lemonade blend of lemons, limes and oranges to give you full citrusy flavoured vaping pleasure.
    • Melon Jellies - Sweet and sour Horned Melon flavour. Vaping that tastes like summer joy!
    • Cool Melon - A mix of different melon flavours with one shot of fresh mint. Rich, fruity and refreshing e-juice.
    • Watermelon Candy - Sweet and sour classic watermelon e-liquid.
    • Sour Mango – One of our sour e-juice masters. Rich mango fruit taste with sour hint.
    • Guava Jack - Fruity mix of jackfruit and guava with a sour hint.
    • Lemon Cake - All the best you can experience from lemon cake. Extreme lemony goodness, full of spicy, nutty and creamy flavours. Simply delicious vape!
    • Blackcurrant Airwaves - Fruity blackcurrant with cool menthol. Classic refreshing menthol lozenges ready to vape.
    • Strawberry Cream - Classic! Perfect combination of ripe strawberries and creamy topping. Sunny summer e-juice!
    • Nectarine peaches - Juicy nectarines combined with sweet peaches give perfect balance of sweet and nutty flavoured e-liquid.
    • Raspberry Candy - Classic e-juice. Juicy, sweet raspberries with a citrus hint for sour taste.
    • Kiwi Dragon_Passion - Three delicious fruits give this special mix very rich flavoured e-juice.
    • Coconut Shake - An absolute tropical delight! Made of spicy, toasted coconut blended with sweet coconut milk and ice cream. Perfect spicy yet creamy vape!
    • Grape Candy - Very fruity and very sour, refreshing and sweet grape e-juice.
    • Grapefruit Jellies - Sweet and sour grapefruit jelly candies ready to vape and full of citrusy flavour.
    • Apple Pie - Ripe baked apples, classic biscotti crust with a mix of sweet spices and dessert topping, exactly like your favourite apple pie dessert should taste and now you can vape it all day long.
    • Sour Apple - Juicy apples with a light sweet and sour hint for all day vaping.
    • Mango Cream - Mango Cream – Rich in flavour, juicy, sweet mango with vanilla ice cream. Yummy vape!
    • Sour Worms - King of our sour e-juice masters! Rich in sweet, fruity flavours with dominating sour taste, just like a bag of your favourite sour worms.
    • Watermelon Bar - Frosted watermelon with a hint of menthol makes this fruity, refreshing e-liquid. Perfect for summer!
    • RY4M - Classic Ruyan 4 flavour (oriental tobacco, vanilla and caramel) with menthol hint - let us know if you like it with more tobacco and/or more menthol.
    • Ice Tobacco - Strong, nice tobacco flavoured e-juice with menthol shot. Perfect substitute for tobacco taste in the vaping world.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews
        Coral Corkery
        Nic Salts Juice

        I got the 18 mg bottles and am very happy with my purchase. I especially like the Ice Tobacco.


        I like Lemony Loops, Pineapple and Licorice and Trinity Custard for dessert! Vampire's Blood is cool and misty, like vaping an Edgar Allen Poe story. I think I like them all, but those are stand outs :)

        Vitalii Grigorev

        Awesome as usual

        Nicole Kingi
        3x 60 ml salts flavors

        I got Sour Apple Blackcurrent, Sour Worms & Sour Jungle. They all taste amazing my favorite is the sour apple blackcurrent it's amazing and all just taste so fruity

        Thank you Nicole. Yes, these are the tasty juices are our sweet and sour kings ;)