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VapeAround More - 60ml e-Juice

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VapeAround More - eLiquid


Best classic e-liquid recipes made for all-day-vaping!!!

  • Lemon Cake:   Extremely complex e-juice: Butterry, Cakey, lemony goodness.
  • Blackcurrant Air Waves: Strong Sweet Blackcurrant and Menthol
  • Strawberry Cream: An all day vape ejuice  - Sweet Strawberries and Cream :)
  • Melon Jellies: Sweet and Sour perfumed Horned Melon
  • Cool Melon: A mix of different melon flavors with one shot of fresh mint
  • Peaches & NectarinesJuicy Peaches and Nectarine :)
  • Cactus Lime Juice: Perfumed Prickly Pears and limes. Sweet and sour perfect balance
  • Sweet Shake of Coconut:  An absolute tropical delight  made of Coconut milk, toasted coconut and ice cream
  • LemonadeHome made Lemonade from Lemons, Limes and Oranges 
  • Watermelon Candy: Sweet and Sour classic watermelon taste
  • Trinity Custard: Sweet Custard, Meringues and Nutty Cookies. Divine Trinity!
  • Kiwi Dragon Passion: Kiwi, Dragon and passion fruits mixed together at same proportion
  • Banana Shake: Banana, milk and sweet cream - e-juice  
  • Grapefruit Jellies: Sweet and sour grapefruit jelly candies ready to vape
  • Sour Apple batch 4: Sour Apples and Feijoa (light sour)
  • Apple Pie (Dessert): Ripe apple, classic biscotti crust with a mix of sweet spices and dessert sauce
  • Pineapple candy: Sweet and sour pineapple ejuice
  • Watermelon Bar - Batch 4 (December):  Frosted Watermelon with one drop of menthol
  • Grape Candy - sweet and sour mix of grapes.All day vape - best in MAX VG
  • Raspberry Candy - batch 4 : Sweet and perfumed Raspberries and citrus for light sour taste
  • Sweet&Sour Gummy Worms (tutti frutti) : Sweet & Sour flavors of  mixed fruits (mild sour)
  • Mango Cream  - batch 3: Sweet Mango, Pineapple syrup with Milk&Cream
  • RY4M: Classic Ruyan 4M: Oriental Tobacco + Vanilla + Caramel + Menthol
  • Ice Tobacco : Best Tobacco mixes and 3 shots of menthol

    • Sour Jungle  (out of stock) :  Banana, Kiwi, Pineapple, Orange, Mango + SOUR :)
    • Bubble Gum (out of stock) : Classic bubble gum taste
    • Juicy Peaches: Juicy Peaches  (out of stock) - sweet and light sour
    • Blackcurrant Ice Candy  (out of stock) Strong Blackcurrant flavor and subtle menthol. Fishermans' friend candy !!!
    • Pomegranate Juice  (out of stock): Sweet Pomegranate.  All day vape - best in MAX VG
    • Energy (out of stock): Energy drink flavor.
    • Kola Mix (out of stock)50% Cola flavour + 40% cola syrup + 10% soda beverage / koolada
    • Guava Jack-fruit (out of stock ): 60% Guava + 40% Jack-fruit 
    • Citrus Punch (out of stock): Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime and Orange. Strong Perfume and yummy taste!
    • Banana Pineapple (out of stock): Exotic Mix
    • Berry Much - batch 2  (out of stock): Berry mix: blackberry, blueberry, strawberry and cranberry
    • Strawberry Lemonade (out of stock): Inhale strawberries exhale lemon :)

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    Customer Reviews

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    Loved the price on the juice. Prompt postage. First bottle I went to open, went to pour into my tank. Bottle blew out cap and went all over me and my mod and my truck. Flavours were OK, could be stronger but could also be my mod. Would definitely purchase again but maybe once I finish cleaning down my truck. Haha

    5 Star

    Amazing service! Best tasting juice around!

    Banana Shake

    Good juice very happy with product and great shop

    Simply the best!

    Hey guys and gals at Vapearound, you guys do a super job with your juices, top notch, beautiful flavours and so many of them, not to mention the shipping and packaging is just incredible. Like I've said before, if u had more stars to award I certainly would!! Good on ya!

    My favourite vendor. Best juices around.

    Always amazing customer service, awesome strong flavoured juices.. So yum! Highly recommend.